SANDRA – Task 1

Tuesday 06.03.2012


Teen’s final message predicted fatal mistake: A US teen’s final message to a friend still haunts her parents.

“I can’t discuss this now. Driving and facebooking is not safe! Hahaha,” wrote Taylor Sauer moments before she slammed into a tanker truck on an Idaho highway. The 18-year-old, travelling at more than 130km/h, was killed instantly and police later found no sign she applied her brakes before the crash.

Ms Sauer was making a late-night, four-hour drive from Utah State University in Logan to her parents’ house in Caldwell, Idaho on January 12. She was using her phone to pass the time, messaging a friend on Facebook. Phone records later showed she was posting something on Facebook every 90 seconds during her drive.

“I think she was probably [texting] to stay awake, she was probably tired,” Taylor’s father Clay Sauer told the US Today program.




This article got me thinking about the girls in class on Monday (week 1) talking about their obsession with Facebook, saying how they can’t live without it and how it’s a central aspect of their world.

So for my routine I’ve decided to make Facebook the center of my world and try to investigate the Facebook craze, and our generation’s obsession with documenting their lives?

A study conducted by UNESCO Institute of Statistics found that people between the ages of 15-25 update their status (on average) 15 times a day.


In 3 weeks that’s over 300 status updates…OMG!!


  1. Lucas

    go for it sandra!

    certainly this fits with the notion of the ‘activity’ – in that the facebook update is a method of ‘framing’ everyday life in a way which (subtly?) changes it.

    my only request – that you cross-post/analyse your process over here on this blog so we can see how you go!

    (neither brogan nor i are on facebook – i quit 18 months ago as it was driving me insane, i became addicted and had to go cold turkey)

  2. FreestoneJ

    That example just about sums up why i believe facebook to be one of the most distracting and harmful things in our modern society.
    Before i go on however, i must admit i do have a facebook page. But i must stress i HAVE a page and the fact is that i cannot for the life of me understand the reasons why?? I must consider my own motives, perhaps but to continue…

    Facebook for sure connects people in ways that have long been sort but did society really comphrehend or understand the full impact of sharing personal info online? It is a question that i consider when i see images in the “News Feed”, of some random ‘friend’ who posts a picture of their cereal that they are about to eat – WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO OUR SOCIETY??!!

    Anyway, Sandra, i’m sorry if i seem like i’m ranting but i’m really excited by the fact that you’re perhaps not a ‘frequent’ facebook user at the moment and that you are trying to comprehend why it runs many peoples lives, perspectives etc…

    So perhaps now for a suggestion?

    Perhaps ask yourself throughout the assignment
    how is it affecting my day?
    Is it as detracting from personal grwoth with family/friends or perhaps is it helping?
    Are you getting addicted?
    Do you feel excited and satisfied or less satisfied when someone ‘comments’ or ‘likes’ your status’?
    Does FACE-mash-BOOK enhance or subtract from your passions (eg artistic practice)?

    Some food for thought, of course don’t have to but maybe some helpful Qs there?…

    Anyway, love to hear your progress throughout,

    “History is a relentless master. It has no present, only the past rushing into the future. To try to hold fast is to be swept aside.” – JFK,