WEEK 1 – Copy of status updates


…My Facebook Addiction…



Today’s date is 11.03.2012. I joined Facebook on the 17.01.2008, which means I have had Facebook for 4 years – 1 month – 25 days. During this time I have updated my status 147 times, uploaded 167 photos and been tagged in 62 photos, and currently have 243 friends.


Looking at the facts, it’s obvious that I’m not a fanatic Facebook-er.

According to


http://theoatmeal. com/quiz/facebook_addict/go


I am 26% addicted to Facebook.


So why do I, Sandra Jelinic have Facebook?

* Connections with old friends and distant Family members

* Voyeurism & Stalking purposes- Yes I admit it, I’m addicted to following other people lives in secret. I look at their photos, read their updates and check their relationship status.

* Vanity- So it might take me a little while to pick that perfect profile image, Its only because I secretly enjoy the thrill I get when someone comments on my photo.

* Sharing my life with others- I like to know what my friends are doing, I assume they are interested in me too.

Just trying to figure out how to post my comments……


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  1. SandraJ

    WEEK 1- Start 05.03.12 End 11.03.12

    Good morning all….Today is day one 🙂 Lets see how i go..
    Got to uni WAY too early today…
    Uni work stacking up fast…
    Had a nice lunch with Lisa today…everyone go check out the woodfire pizza place at uni, it’s actually pretty good 🙂
    Off to pick up our plane tickets wooohooo……!!!!!!!
    Just rubbing it in, cause I’m going overseas 🙂
    Ooooooh tv how i love you….
    Whose that girl……whose that girl……it’s Jess!!!!
    So when ironing Danijel’s shirt i shouldn’t burn a hole through it right?? Just kidding people, the hole was already there 🙂 I think!
    10 🙂
    Sooooo over reading, online shopping you win!
    Uni work pppffttt……
    MKR and then pretty little liars and then the lying game and then gossip girl and then being human and then shower and bed 🙂
    perfect night…

    Ooooh no I slept in…missed my swim…but now I get to have chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast 🙂
    Uni for 3 hours today, sounds pretty good to me 🙂
    Mmmmmmmmm snuggled up on the couch with a hot chocolate and my man 🙂
    These are the moments I love!!!
    Have heard this song 3 times today and i’m kinda loving it 🙂

    OMG I”M IN LOVE!!!

    So just letting everyone know that the Sims on ipad is so shit…
    Why am I soooooooo hungry???
    Is kinda over not having any money..sorry Honey your my sugar daddy
    Need money to buy dress!!!!
    Sick of reading..
    Potentially found 10 dresses that I NEED to have in my wardrobe!
    Is having trouble with my mac..If anyone can help please call me.
    Yup given up..
    Exhausted. . . Night All x

    My mid-week, weekend 🙂
    Trying my sister-in-laws first baked dinner tonight…hope I don’t die!!
    Heading to woollies..Need to buy Arborio rice, breadcrumbs and feta 🙂
    Paid my car off for this month 🙂
    Has been reading the same line of an article over and over…Daydreaming is taking over
    Printed off all my EDEL readings…feeling productive
    Printer OUT OF ORDER (no ink)
    LOL!!!! T-shirt wars..
    eating chopped up honey glazed carrots 🙂
    The artist is a collector
    Make Things = Know Thy Self
    Nothing on tv tonight
    Dirty dancing…worst movie EVER!!!

    Wayyyy tooooo early to start the day!!!! Especially in this weather 🙁
    11:30am and still in bed..HEAVEN
    Ok 12pm Breakfast time, TOAST
    Dr Phil, Oprah 🙂
    Loves my dr oz hour 🙂
    Still Bored
    Thank you kmart for my really BIG soup mug 🙂
    downloaded my first ebook 🙂
    What to make for dinner tonight?
    Anybody know where i can get a cute beach kaftan from??
    Was baking cookies..accidently burnt them 🙁 BIN
    Starting my own cook book 🙂
    Yup won that assignment fight..And you girls call yourself education students ppfftt!!!
    Feeling HAPPY!

    VISA123 here i come
    This class isn’t as bad as I thought it would be
    Quickest class!! Home by 10:30 YAY 🙂
    made danijel chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast 🙂
    My printer is rocking…soooo weird
    looking for new apps to download…
    Playing Lep’s World and loving it
    People I have come up with the most amazing dress-up party ideas
    Still considering a joint birthday party with danijel…
    With the girls trying on dresses 🙂
    So I’ve picked 3 dresses and want to get all of them made…Girls need help am only allowed to pick one
    OMG go home already its 11:30pm
    Guests have left 1am, cleaning up
    OMG BED!!

    ____ (¯`(♥)´¯) _____(¯`(♥)´¯)
    ___¶¶ (_.^._)¶¶__¶_¶¶(_.^._)¶¶
    ____________ ¶¶¶¶¶

    Didnt know this was possible!
    Waiting whilst my car gets serviced
    Just sitting. Quietly. Slightly getting wet. Waiting. Waiting. Waiting……
    There goes $250, now I’m officially broke
    Hasn’t worked in 3 weeks..SUCKS!!
    Applying for a job
    Officeworks has free internet, Thank you for making my Facebook Addiction possible
    Tania’s kitchen tea tomorrow people…
    What to wear?
    Read the first 5 Chapters of my ebook
    Is surprised how much I enjoy reading
    The Lying Game ARGH!!
    Loooooooooooooooooooooooong day.. Just need a cuddle off Danijel 🙁
    Just over it

    Started my day about an hour ago…kill me
    Doesn’t want to get out of bed
    Do i reaaalllllllyyyy have to go??
    Still don’t know what to wear? Any suggestions….???
    Do I have time for a quick trip to kmart??? Hmmmm…probably not
    Yup! So went to K-mart, now I’m running late
    Doesn’t wanna go
    Doesn’t wanna go
    Don’t wanna go
    I’m on the High wayyyy to Hellllll!!!!!!
    Home at last….thank god!!

    TOTAL= 105