SANDRA – Task 1

So I have to admit Week 1 was a struggle. On numerous occasions I found myself just sitting, staring at my Facebook page, fingers on the keyboard but nothing to write… I started off slow just status updates anything that was relatively exciting that happen I documented it.

“Went to K-mart, bought a mug YAY!!”

Believe it or not I got 8 comments and 9 likes for that status update alone…. What’s happening to our generation???

Through a quick web search it’s evident that Facebook is a fast growing problem. The Facebook craze without any exaggeration has taken over the world. Let’s admit it, being addicted to Facebook is much better than being addicted to alcohol, illegal drugs or activities however the hours spent on Facebook worldwide is alarming, and the social implications are rapidly becoming obvious.

So FAD- is it real?

In 2007 teenage blogger Heidi Barry-Rodriquez admitted “I am truly addicted to facebook”.

In 2009 teen Neeka Salmasi described the social networking site as being “like an addiction”.

In 2011 a casino directly compared a gambling addiction to Facebook, “Like gambling Facebook provides the atmosphere where it is tough to walk away”

Everyone from eager to fit in tweens to educated business people to intrigued grandparents have joined the phenomenon, and unsurprisingly have caught Facebook fever.

So lets talk a little about this FAD (Facebook Addiction Disorder)

Is there really such a thing? Does it exist?

American psychologist Kimberly Young believes so. In fact she fuelled the term FAD or Facebook Addiction Disorder. It has been said that approximately 350 million people are suffering from the disorder. A study conducted by the University of Chicago, Milan and MIT simultaneously found that analysis of the psychophysiological data in conjunction to pupil dilation indicates that the Facebook experience is significantly different from stress and relaxation “It’s a whole other experience” identifying a chemical reason at the root of the pervasive need to check social networking sites.

And personally if you asked me 12 days ago if I believed FAD was real, honestly I would have said no, but thinking about that Kaprow article I madly highlighted Kaprow spoke about the simple act of shaking hands and by doing it consciously could cause instant anxiety to others (p195). That’s how FB has affected me. “doing something to experience it yourself” (p195).

Its only Tuesday of week 2 and I can’t help myself, I don’t even close the browser, I’ve updated my phone just so I can access FB wherever I go, I have downloaded the FB app on both my Ipad and Mac, this assessment is driving me mad, Facebook has taken over my life.

Let’s see how Week 2 finishes


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  1. Lucas

    hah, this made me laugh sandra. the banality of the kmart/mug nexus, you’re killing me.

    i want to know all the other updates you made.

    can you cross post them here, complete with how many reactions you got?