Subconscious Splurge Conclusion

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The crown st experiment went really well. I sat just next to Gloria jeans and just started talking. Most people were happy to have a chat and smile and were very inquisitive. I was very nervous but had consumed enough caffeine to transport me to a apathetic state of mind.

On the Free bus I sat on the back seat next to two young fellas who were trying to get me to say abusive stuff as if holding a microphone gives you the power to do so. The first 4 or so rows in front of me did not even turn around to see what was going on. I was shocked! The volume was up very loud and was surprised that the bus driver didn’t seem to mind either. At no point was I rude and even brushed off an offensive middle finger from a man down the front of the bus who was clearly irritated by my vocal presence.

The third location was on the 3rd floor in the quiet section of the UOW library. I found an empty desk while Jamie set up the camera. At this point the confidence had grown within me and after a somewhat quiet response on the bus we were both looking for some thrills. So I cranked it up. When you sit in a library which is silent there is not much to talk about but somehow i managed to continue the subconscious diarrhoea. I spoke for almost 2 minutes at 70percent volume without anyone tapping me on the shoulder and telling me to shut up. I was impressed. Think it was a welcome study break for most. I  consider y self a decent man with who like to follow good etiquette so when my phone  vibrated in my pocket with a call  I decided not  to answer it in the library.

The next location was the Uni centre which was a lot more relaxed then the library.  I sat down amongst the most densely populated area and began to chat to those who surrounded me. The novelty wore off really quickly and people went about there business one guy even sleeping.  I felt that this area being a shared space was the most receptacle to my dribble. Upon finishing my thought train I was applauded.

The final location was the duck pond lawn where I met a friend and started to experiment with the distance that i could be away from the amp before the mic cut out. It was very far so we hid the speaker in the trees and began to mess with people from a distance.  This was really fun and was a great way to finish the exercise.

Overall I found the happening was received well by the general public and students of the university. My subconscious thoughts that I projected were not offensive and I was not created loud ear piercing noises. I felt that I was very conscious of what I was saying because i did not want to offend anyone and probably was unable to say EXACTLY what I was thinking at that moment. I felt my mind filtering out thoughts before I spoke. The best thing about the project was the random nature of it. We came across many different people doing different things like talking to others, walking on lunch breaks, working (pay less shoes’ staff watching) hanging out, catching the bus and going to uni bar. We chose the exact seating spots where it ‘felt right’ e.g: busiest areas. It started as subconscious thoughts which sometimes developed into conversations. I felt that the everyday thought of subconscious thinking was projected well in this happening. Both Jamie and I enjoyed the project.



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