Walking Meditation

I decided to focus my walking exercise largely on the physicality of it, however i also based it on the ideas of Buddhist walking meditation. After reading up on the beliefs within this system of walking meditation I began to set simple rules for myself, some coming straight from the Buddhist guide and others I personally set.

These rules were:

-To focus on breathing- coming from the Buddhist ideas of saying aloud ‘in’ for each step one is inhaling and ‘out’ for each step one is exhaling.

-Focus on what part of my foot touches the ground first- I included this after reading the article “how to walk barefoot”,this solely focusing on physicality, what methods of walking will build up foot strength and be better physically for endurance.

-Focus on textures – Something I wanted to focus on because of the interest I have in how much uncomfortability I can stand and whether that could become pleasure.

-Focus on the sound of my footsteps- This was interesting to me as of how much the sound varied from shoes to barefoot and from texture to texture.

-Observe the prints my feet were making – Referring to the importance Buddhists place on foot prints and how it represents to them one’s presence on the earth

-Focus on peace, joy, calmness – This also coming from the Buddhist patterns of saying aloud peace or joy or any other affirming word for different steps.

So I walked the surrounding of my house barefooted for a around about an hour. The experience was enjoyable and I will most probably do it again. It produced an unreal calmness within me and I felt (as hippyish as it may sound) very connected with the earth. Feeling all the different textures on the soles and pads of my feet and focusing intently on this was able to clear my mind and enable me to understand the true feeling of specific textures and test my own comfortability/pleasure when walking on these surfaces. I have learnt how crucial some people believe walking barefoot is in being able to properly understand the earth, holding strongly to the ideas that it transports certain kinds of energy into oneself. I decided to document my walking exercise through video as I thought it would best communicate my actual experience.

Here is the video:

YouTube won’t let me upload the video?? I’ve been trying for a couple of hours now. I don’t know what to do.. I’ll bring it in on a thumb drive tomorrow.

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