Op Shop journey timeline and map.

  1. Walk to an op-shop
  2. Buy the cheapest or brightest shirt.
  3. Wear it and walk to the next op shop.
  4. Repeat step 2 and 3 seven times then return home.

(Purchased items may be carried. Cost is not the aim.)

I am armed with my credit debit card, $20.70 a list of op-shop locations provided by sustainableillawarra.com.au.

See map for walking root.

Walking Map









I begin walking through town with purpose.


I entered first op-shop on Crown Street, which is the St Andrews Opportunity shop. No other customers present but me. Two elderly ladies are working.


My first purchase was a yellow short-sleeved shirt with collar for $5.  The Ladies were friendly and commented on how lovely the color was.  One of the ladies made an observation on current fashion saying “ Without op-shops she would have nothing to wear. “Don’t make clothes for an old chook anymore.”












I entered the second shop that is Vinnies 366 Crown Street. It was actually closer then address provided. Relief.


I purchase second shirt 4$ western. Get lovely comments from the ladies about how great the colour was. When exiting the shop I received a strange look from man outside.












I walk through the Wollongong train station and receive odd looks from multiple passers by.


I arrived at the third op shop Lifeline at 19 Auburn Street. I purchase a blue Hawaiian style shirt for $5. The lady who served me was short and unfriendly. The op shop was considerably large and had furniture as well as clothes.












Arrive 29 Ellen Street and purchase a blue shirt for $7. Out of cash tired and starting to regret choice of walking exercise.












I arrived at Smith Family Kiera Street tired and hoping they accept EFTPOS. Agonize over items.


I finally purchase a red long sleeved shirt for $10 because I’m out of cash and it’s the minimum EFTPOS transaction. I feel like the exercise is getting expensive.












I arrive at Smith Family store on Burelli Street briefly look at clothes and realize I need a top up on cash. Head to woollies have a break buy some bread rolls and coffee. Mull over last hour. Commence walk.


Return to Smith family store and purchase purple shirt for $9.90.











I enter mission Australia Burelli Street.

Girls ask about op shops I offer my list and a shop wide discussion begins. We talk about the project; I get lured into buying raffle tickets for a ring then finally purchase bright orange T-Shirt for $2.











12: 40

Walk around town and realise I’ve exhausted all op shops in my area and return home.

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