The ‘Bar’, Methods to the Madness.

Method to the Madness:

In order to deceive our willing participants we had to first select the best beer for the role. I knew of a couple of beers in Woolworth’s soft drink isle that were non-alcoholic. I purchased three different varieties (coopers, Schlossgold, Bitburger) to taste test and both my girlfriend and I together selected the best.  The winner was Schlossgold. The website states:

“Australians and most Europeans know Schlossgold as a genuine beer, which is alcohol-free, but has a splendid, full-bodied, malt flavour and is very refreshing “Cheers without tears”, means safe beer enjoyment without losing that special taste and your licence. Making it a light beer for heavy drinking!”

Once I had a clear winner I introduced it to the team. They too were happy with the choice. We ordered 3 cases of Schlossgold from Woolworths, Wollongong at a case price of $32.00, which turned out cheaper than the online price.

Our next step was to organise how we would set up the bar so no one would see the beer label. One elaborate idea was concocted, for example: Drink two cases of beer, wash the bottles out and refill them with non- alcoholic beer. This involved a lot of drinking which obviously would not be desirable so instead we settled on a cup dispensing system. This was the perfect solution as it required little work and kept the label away from the participants. On the night of the event, each can was poured behind the counter into a plastic cup and given to the participants.

We set up a microphone on the bar counter to record conversations that we had and Jade was monitoring the crowd with her camera.

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