The ‘Bar’: Results (check out the video on Jade/Mikes blog).

Results of the BAR:

As I conducted the interviews it is notable that I was completely wasted. This is evidenced by my openness in approaching people to interview, lack of control when holding the microphone (pointing the microphone at the interviewee whilst I was talking and vice versa). We noticed that the highlight of the night for a lot of people was the ‘Beer’ and people were noting “nothing on just our inebriation”.

We conducted a drunken test where we asked about 7 people to walk the straight line. For the most part people were successful in walking the line as if they were sober. Perhaps it was too easy? Jade and I however struggled to do it we were already on the way to getting drunk.

 To what extent was your project an experiment?
Our project was an experiment focused on social interactions and the effects that non-alcoholic beverages would have on people.

What were you trying to discover?
We were hoping that a lot of people would drink, and get tipsy, inebriated and even drunk off our non alcoholic beer.

What surprised you?  
I was surprised that a lot more people didn’t drink, people didn’t catch on to the fact that the beer was non-alcoholic, people didn’t ask why (accept one, mike’s girlfriends father Andy who consumed the most) we were pouring our beers under the counter. Most people didn’t stop and ask what kind of beer we were serving.

What could you refine in order to improve your experiment for next time?
In future I think if we had of sold non-alcoholic wine as well as the beer that we could’ve had more people involved with the experiment and been able to gauge more results. If we were fully testing the how effective the placebo effect of the beer was we could in future get people to fill out surveys asking direct questions on the level of soberness, drunkenness they feel.

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