The ‘Bar’ Conceptual Framework.

We wanted to create a bar situation where we could monitor the interactions between our customers and us, whilst we drank alcohol and served them alcohol free beverages.

What did we bring from the outside the gallery space?

Physical objects.

  1. We brought the non-alcoholic beer, soft drinks cups etc.
  2. Alcoholic beer for ourselves.
  3. The participator (non-audience).


  1. Belief that alcohol is served at a gallery on the opening night.
  2. Bar persons are honest in their delivery of an order.
  3. Beer is Alcoholic and has a distinct flavour.

Rules to ‘The Bar’

1. No-one was to find out that they were drinking non-alcoholic beer.

2. We were to make the beer as alcoholic tasting as possible.

3. We were to monitor the interactions and document them through audio recordings and video.

4. We were to conduct drunken tests on our audience

5. No secrets should be revealed until after the event.

6. We were to drink alcoholic beverages the whole time.


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