Eating Alphabetically: The Beginning

Hello everyone, it’s Sean here with my very first blog post that actually has some kind of content, hoorah. Here is my outline for the Activity I will be doing, named…


For a period of four days, I must consume all food and drink in alphabetical order. For example, if I start my day with coffee, then I can no longer eat or drink anything that alphabetically comes before coffee. I must eat or drink ten articles of food or drink over the period of a day before the alphabet comes to an end.

This will be a challenge to see if I go about managing how to eat with a specific structure in mind. I can plan ahead what I will eat and drink, or I can go through a day attempting to eat and drink with no particular future goal. As long as I eat ten items before the alphabet runs out for the day.

I will record this in a logbook, photographing and noting down everything I eat and drink. I will also record my thoughts through the form of a vlog, video diary.

I hope that this Activity will make me more conscious of what I eat and drink. The experience of eating and drinking will become a focal point of the next four days, and will also make me more aware of the process and function of eating and drinking. The way in which I interact with this Activity will be interesting to record, whether I try to outsmart it, or whether it outsmarts me.


  1. Each day begins back at the letter A and will run each day to see if all food and drink can be consumed in alphabetical order over the day.
  2. The name of each food or drink that is consumed is based on the typical noun used to describe it in the particular context it is in. For example, the ‘hot’ in ‘hot chips’ is an adjective and does not count, so they will be considered ‘chips’. However, if they are referred to as ‘fries’ at a fast food restaurant, for example, then they are considered ‘fries’. Most brand names will not count, unless they are known most commonly by that name.
  3. At least 10 articles of food or drink must be consumed over the day.
  4. For health purposes, water does not count in this project as water is needed for hydration.
  5. The ingredients within meals are not counted as part of the alphabetising, but rather the collective name for the meal itself.
  6. More than one food or drink can be consumed from each letter of the alphabet, as long as by the end of the day the order of consumption is in alphabetical order.

I’m starting this tomorrow (Tuesday 19th March) and will update you all on how starving I am!


  1. Chris Dunstan

    Sounds awesome Sean. I’ll def be watching this space. And, as you said, it’s going to be interesting to see whether you outsmart the Activity or it outsmarts you. Anyone bold enough to suggest some odds?

  2. Lucas

    hi sean
    i like the way you’ve set up your rules, differentiating between adjectives and nouns, and common names versus brand names! looking forward to seeing how this one pans out.