Day Two – Too Short

Did I take a shower today? Yes

If yes, how long did it go for and what was it like?

It went for roughly 2.5mins or 3 presses of the shower button.

As I mentioned yesterday, I thought I’d try running to the shower so that my body would be warm for when I stepped into the water. I wore the same clothes as yesterday (including my jumper so I would get extra hot), a pair of sports shoes and socks, and a backpack with my towel and cleanser in it so I could run flat chat. I ran as fast as I could down to the beach and got into the shower. My body was hot so the cold water was extremely refreshing. My body heat from the run did not dissipate, meaning that I never really felt cold during the shower. However, because of this, I wanted the shower to go for longer. Seeing I washed my hair yesterday, I only had to wash my body with cleanser and then rinse it off, making for a really short shower. I wanted more time to cool off and more time to take in the landscape, given how much I had enjoyed it yesterday. But I felt reluctant to press the button again, as part of my brief was to only shower for the purposes of hygiene. It then dawned on me that I could take more time with certain tasks. At this point, the shower was already over but I decided to dry myself a lot slower than normal, giving myself more time to take in the scene and feel the wind against my body. It felt strange to slow down a task I normally do so efficiently but it gave me a chance to be more physically aware. I think tomorrow, I will try and take more time with other tasks that I can do when the water’s not running, like soaping up.

If no, what was my reason for not taking a shower? N/A

How clean do I feel on a scale of 1-10 (10 being extremely clean)? Discuss.


Putting my sweaty socks and shoes back on straight after showering felt anti-intuitive, which probably made me feel less clean than I actually was. But otherwise, I felt reasonable clean and refreshed.

Any comments on what other people thought about my hygiene (e.g. if anyone had made a comment on my appearance, smell etc)

Nothing direct today.

Other comments

2 things…

– Something that I only really noticed today was the soundscape at Woonona Beach. Normally, I suppose I don’t even register the sound of my shower at home because I’m so used to it. But today, at times, I really focused on listening to what was around me. I listened to the constant hum of the ocean, the sound of cars driving on the adjacent road and the conversations of walkers and cyclists as they passed by (a bit like our Listening Activity on Monday). Having these sounds around me made me feel a little more connected (to the environment and the community, I suppose), which is different to my normal detached mental state when I shower.

– Unlike yesterday, putting my clothes back on was less amazing as I was still hot from the run. In fact, I was still hot by the time I had walked home. Looks like I got my “hot” shower after all!  When feasible, I think I may continue the trend of running to the beach. Unless I use it to multi-task and take the dog for a walk?

Chris out.

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