Hokayy so I have decided to venture into the idea of walking backwards.

I was thinking what is an everyday activity that I do that could be turned into something really interesting. And the winner is walking to my car!!! (Doesn’t sound too interesting does it?….. But just wait!) 

Inspired by the walking the mountain activity we did in class which allowed me to see that walking is not only a form of transportation but can also be a time to observe my surroundings. So I counted the steps from my bedroom to my car and there was 62!! And what better way to take them than backwards.

Before I start I decided to conduct a little research and by just typing ‘walking backwards’ onto I received an astonishing amount of results. The University of Oregon actually completed a study that proved walking backwards is actually BETTER FOR YOU than walking forwards… Who would have thought?!

Walking backwards benefits you as:
– Use more energy
– Cardiovascular system gets a better workout
– Requires extra concentration making your mind more alert and sharpens your thinking
– Fine tunes your peripheral vision
– Heightens other senses since you are not using sight
– Balance improves
And the list goes on!

I also discovered that walking backwards is an ancient Chinese tradition to improve health.

So heres to good health for me!

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