Preliminary Walking Backwards

I have discovered that problem setting is a lot harder than problem solving.

Unsure of the scope that I want to take this activity to I decided to complete a preliminary test to see what questions are raised and how big will I take the activity.

My Preliminary test just involves a short walk up the stairs from the front of my house to my bedroom to see how easy or hard it is.

So as you can see I’m a little slow and slightly struggle with my balance. At this moment in time I have not begun to notice difference in my surroundings as I was too busy concentrating on my balance and where to step. However I think with practice it will become an easier movement to achieve.

Attempting this everyday, going bigger in scope, I’m going to answer these few questions until it is physically impossible to continue walking backwards…

1. Did you observe something new in your surroundings?
2. Do you feel any health benefits?
3. Were there any social/physical challenges?
4. Was this too easy and comfortable for you?
5. What’s the next plan to scale it up?

One comment

  1. Lucas

    good work alanna – i like this video, it has a nice temporal pace. i also am keen to hear the answers to your questions, you’ve set the problem nicely.