Day Four – Showering with Mikey

Did I take a shower today? Yes

If yes, how long did it go for and what was it like?


Today was probably my best beach shower yet. I took Mikey (my housemate’s dog) with me for his daily walk and tied him up on some bike racks next to the shower.


Following on from my Day Two discovery, I intentionally made my shower longer by taking my time when the water wasn’t running. I took longer washing my hair and soaping my body than usual, which allowed me to be fully present in my body and my environment.


And there was something really nice about having Mikey there with me too. I suppose it’s that same idea of connectedness but it was just awesome to be able to interact with him as I showered. This is probably what encouraged me to say “hello” to a few passers-by as well. I was completely at ease and wondered if showering outdoors was something I could keep going beyond the Activity, maybe not everyday but at least once a week. And especially if I combine it with something that I’d be doing anyway, like walking Mikey. I just feel like I’m getting more from showering here by the beach than at home.


If no, what was my reason for not taking a shower? N/A

How clean do I feel on a scale of 1-10 (10 being extremely clean)? Discuss.

Pre-shower – 3; post-shower – 8

I woke still feeling pretty sticky from tennis and thought I’d go to the beach and shower sooner rather than later. However, by the time I had breakfast and did a few things, it was 1pm and super hot outside. I decided to wait until evening but as the day went on, I became more and more conscious of being dirty, which almost made me more aware of my house being a bit of a squalor. However, in the end, I decided to embrace my greasy state and did some cleaning right before heading to the beach. Hence, when I finally showered at about 7pm, it felt extra sweet.

Any comments on what other people thought about my hygiene (e.g. if anyone had made a comment on my appearance, smell etc)

When my friend Rose came round in the afternoon, I told her that I felt pretty dirty and asked if she thought I looked it. She thought not and even inspected my hair, thinking it was only a little greasy at the back. In the evening, I asked my housemate Katie and she thought I looked normal. She asked how long it had been since my last shower and when I replied “almost 48hrs”, she became a little more suspect but still couldn’t find any particular sign/smell. At this stage of the day, I was feeling my dirtiest so Katie’s response was evidence enough to suggest that a lot of it was in my head and to do with my own perceptions.

Other comments

– Something I forgot to mention previously…walking after showering is basically nature’s own hairdryer. I barely dried my hair today but I still returned home to find it completely dry.



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