Day Five – The end of an era / shower

Did I take a shower today? Yes

If yes, how long did it go for and what was it like?


As I started walking to Woonona Beach (with Mikey again), I was heading towards some pretty ominous storm clouds. It didn’t rain in the end but the dull sound of thunder and the occasional lightning made for a pretty epic scene for my last shower.


My shower felt completely natural, as if I had perfected my routine over the week to optimize my experience. It now almost seems to make more sense to me to shower at the beach than at home. Out in the open, the natural world seems to have its own “cleaniless”, which I think allowed me to be less excessive re: my own hygiene. However, back at home, when I shower against clinical white tiles, I think I’m more prone to obsess. Just a thought.


If no, what was my reason for not taking a shower? N/A

How clean do I feel on a scale of 1-10 (10 being extremely clean)? Discuss.


I feel clean and at peace.

Any comments on what other people thought about my hygiene (e.g. if anyone had made a comment on my appearance, smell etc)


Other comments

– I think I’ve pretty much said it all. Some time over the weekend, I will blog my final post to sum up my week and consider how it connects to the discussions we’ve been having in class.

Chris out.


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