Taking it one step at a time…

Alrighty, so I decided to take it slower and incorporate a friend. I was trying to discover if I could maintain a conversation whilst walking with someone but facing the other way. The results were quite interesting…

I also decided to walk backwards to my car, however the video I took myself which affected my experience as I could see what was coming up behind me so it was a little too easy.

1. Did you observe something new in your surroundings?
Not in the environmental surroundings, but I became very observant of how my friend became uncomfortable at the fact I was walking the opposite way. I think he was mainly just confused as to what it was I was trying to achieve. Also I became more conscious of the fact that I was walking backwards which was interesting as when walking forwards with a friend it is more of an unconscious movement. And with walking to my car the video affected my other senses as I could see where I was going, I’m not going to take the video myself next time. Looking back at this video there is so many nature sounds in the background that I’m sad to have missed at the current time.

2. Do you feel any health benefits?
If it counts, mentally I’m becoming more aware of social behaviours and opening my mind to different views.

3. Were there any social/physical challenges?
Physically it was a lot easier to walk backwards on a flat surface and especially when someone was there to point out if anything is behind me.
Socially it was actually not as difficult as I thought to maintain a conversation but I kept having to fight my natural instinct to just turn around and walk with him. I felt a little disconnected with him as I couldn’t see his complete facial expressions and body language but not enough that we couldn’t communicate.

4. Was this too easy and comfortable for you?
Walking to my car was quite easy as I said, but I don’t think I could achieve a “true” ultimate Happening experience. With my friend, It was actually a really nice flat walk and comfortable experience that I think I am really to proceed and step it up.

5. What’s the next plan to scale it up?
I think I am going to face my fears and take it public again…. Stay tuned.

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