Eating Alphabetically: Day One

Tuesday 19th March, Day One


1. Apple and Blackcurrant Juice, 8.47am
2. Banana Bread, 8.51am
3. Coffee, 11.21am
4. Cookies, 1.58pm
5. Orange Juice, 2.11pm
6. Oreos, 4.19pm
7. Seafood Curry, 7.15pm
8. Tea, 8.02pm
9. Yoghurt, 9.10pm
10. Yoghurt, 9.22pm


I started my Activity on this day. Having discussed with my family what I could eat and in what order theoretically if I were to do this Activity, I already had a plan in my head of what I could eat to get through the day.

However, I faced my first challenge at the very beginning, when I found that my planned drink of Apple Juice was no longer possible, as my brother had finished off the bottle. This left me resorting to an Apple and Blackcurrant juice box. This already made me feel very conscious of my eating and drinking, as I already had the luxury of a glass of juice taken away from me.

Banana Bread made up for my lack of luxury, as I don’t normally have this available for breakfast.

I was quite hungry when I went to the cafe at Innovation Campus, however I was not hungry enough to eat chips and it was the only food I could see on offer when I quickly looked, that did not go too far down the alphabet. So I resorted to coffee and felt a little sad about that.

Once I had returned to main campus at lunch time, I found myself with only half an hour before I had to go to a lecture. I resorted to eating cookies. The challenge had already defeated me as I gave in to eating unhealthy food that wasn’t really satisfying nor really what I wanted to eat, however it was convenient at the time.

I had Orange Juice and Oreos packed for the day, and finally gave in to skipping directly to ‘O’ in order to have these. This also did not satisfy my hunger.

The Seafood Curry did a better job of filling my stomach with something decent. I normally have Tea at the time I did, and also I am used to having Yoghurt for dessert, so the evening went as normal. However, I did notice that I had to cut down on a lot of snacking that I would usually do from the time I get home, and it took great self control to not eat anything.

I feel like the Activity was definitely the winner, leaving me feeling unorganised and unprepared to attempt eating alphabetically, and leaving me dissatisfied and eating unhealthily.

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