Eating Alphabetically: Day Two

Wednesday 20th March, Day Two


1. Apple and Blackcurrant Juice, 8.50am
2. Cereal, 8.53am
3. Chicken Noodle Soup, 11.35am
4. Chicken Sub, 1.13pm
5. Chips, Packet of, 3.43pm
6. Chips, Hot, 4.46pm
7. Cider, 4.59pm
8. Pasta, 8.41pm
9. Tea, 9.16pm
10. Yoghurt, 11.05pm


I started with the same juice again and then cereal, not too creative. Although today I had the challenge of trying to survive on food and drink without passing the word ‘Cider’, as I wanted to drink Cider at Trivia Night.

The Chicken Noodle Soup came from a friend who offered to share some with me in order to help me with my new ‘diet’. This created a social aspect to my eating I wouldn’t normally have, where I was sharing food with a friend.

I was still able to have my as-planned Chicken Sub for lunch later.

I wanted a snack and so I had a packet of Chips, followed by Hot Chips which I ate at the UniBar before Trivia Night began. Then once I had eaten my Chips, I was able to get into the Cider.

When I returned home, Pasta was on offer. Then I finished my night off with Tea and Yoghurt. Tuesday was my most successful day, as I was able to organise it well, or otherwise was lucky to find enough to eat and drink throughout the day.

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