The Zimmer Reflection

Apart from the opportunity to develop my walking project, the presentation today provided me with an afterthought. In the delivery which was a video it highlighted the effect the media can have on a subject and the influence it can have on the general mass. The suggestion of Oprah was raised after the video in the sense that she can take a subject that may be trivial or miniscule and transform it into a front page media coverage of popular social interest. An example would be on the Oprah Winfrey show where she made a trivial comment on beef being tainted, and then all of a suddenly it made the national news and the beef industry was taking her to court. (PBS News Story January 1998)

As a side note, on further research from today’s class I can report that “Zimmer frame” is indeed an everyday trademark from Zimmer Holdings, a company that actually produces walking aids.

The fact that this artwork created discussion afterwards is an excellent example of artwork generating discussion within a group. It is with this foundation today that I feel the project successfully demonstrated  socially engaged art.

Below is the video that was presented in class with a small sample of photos from the project:


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