the after thoughts of task 3

Putting up the plaques gave us the feeling that we where doing something wrong, sure we only used blutack and double sided tape, but there was still that little rush of doing something we shouldn’t have done, just because it’s written down somewhere. there where a few times when we put them up and as Alanna was taking a photo if a plaque in position there where some stares and some muttered comments, we even had a “get fucked” after one guy read the construction plaque.

if i where to do this project again the main thing i would give my self is resources and time.  as the plaques where supposed to get in peoples faces and get their point across, unlike the average plaque does, it would have been really good to have a much higher concentration of plaque in the area (not a dentist joke).

and if we could have had the plaques made out of metal, not card board. it would have been much more effective, the aesthetic we wanted would have been there and this would have made them much more definable in the plaque category of ‘serious plaque’ and if the plaques where metal the horrible weather would not have been an issue, our cardboard warped and blew and the water weakened some of our fixings , a real bummer!   visual and audio surveillance on each plaque would be good to have as well, just to have that library of reactions, and i would have liked to see who took a few of them as souvenirs, or if in fact they where taken for that purpose. the final thing i would change is to have a bit more wit and fun with the plaques text content, but as it was a group project we had to compromise (not saying it was a bad thing)

aside from this, the plaques where still visually effective and positioned well and initiated the desired response (either completely ignored, or taken or inspected) that was the point of the exercise, to see how many people pay attention to plaques and what level of attention they give them.

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