Bianca’s Walking assessment idea

The idea I am working on is a continuation from our last class where we went on a Richard Long inspired walk. In my walk I counted the steps I took, and in which direction, then documented it in a map-like way (see previous post of mine ‘wk 7 Richard Long inspired walk’)

I really liked this documentation style and was thinking of creating ‘step maps’ of places and walks I do regularly, for example: to uni from my house, to the beach from my family’s place in Ulladulla, from the underground woolies car-park through the shops and back.
The purpose of this focus on counting steps is to draw my own attention to the basics of walking and how in everyday life we take walking for granted. You don’t tend to notice how much you walk until you have an injury that hinders this ability. In doing my step counting walks I will be showing gratitude to the simple daily function of walking.

I was also thinking that before each walk I could do a case study of somebody that is walking impaired and reflect on this during my walk. (I’m thinking this may be adding too  many aspects to it though?)


I am feeling a bit unsure on the clarity and strength of my idea so any feedback and thoughts/ways to improve it would be much appreciated. Thanks!


  1. Nick Keys


    I understand why you want to add another dimension to Long-inspired text maps, but I don’t think case studies of the walking impaired is the right addition to make. It’s too obviously related to the sentiment “we are so privileged to be able to walk compared to these poor souls who can’t.” This is a fine sympathetic sentiment, but in a way, that’s all it is. If you want to think about “impairment” in relation to walking, then you should impair yourself. Or perhaps rather: pair yourself to walking. Do nothing but walking. You could set yourself the rule of walking everywhere for a set period of time. You could get a map of The Gong & draw your trajectories after every day, which could then be the basis of your Longesque text-maps.

    Don’t feel locked in to my suggestion. You don’t have to (im)pair yourself, I’m just riffing off this idea of impairment & thinking how you could make a walking piece out of it.

    This help?

    • Bianca Moseley

      Yes this has helped, thank you!
      I really like the idea of pairing myself with walking so starting today I decided to only use walking as my transport. My pair with walking will go for 5 days (today-Sunday).
      NB: The use of other transport is only permitted on necessary long distance trips (e.g. from Ulladulla to Wollongong).

      I’m in the process of researching things related to this idea to refine what I am doing and why. Is there anything that you would recommend for me to read or look at that relates to my idea?