Misha Walking proposal

Although I missed class in week seven I still have looked at Richard longs works. Longs work ‘a line made by walking’ is an idea I would like to explore. While I think the artists’ presence is a main element underpinning this conceptual work, I thought it might be interesting to explore the idea through the thought of how people have impacted on the landscape. Rather then making my own mark in the landscape I thought it might be a nice idea to do a series of different walks where the whole time I will think and reflect of the landscape and how we have changed the landscape for our convenience. I will be looking at old photos from the area and recording the changes made to buildings/ the environment. Feedback would be greatly appreciated, not sure I get the whole idea of this exercise




  1. Nick Keys


    This is a good motivation, but you need to propose a clear walking activity. What do you mean “the whole time I will think and reflect on the landscape…”? How will you do this? Will you look at photographs as you walk along? Where will you walk? Why?

    The Long piece you’ve been looking at is a simple walking gesture done over & over & then taking a photograph. The elegance of the work is that with only a title & one photograph he opens up a whole world of thoughts & feelings to do with our presence & absence in the world, the traces we leave, our impact of the environment.

    From what you’ve said so far, there is an image-based walking project you could do. If you went digging in the archives, you could find some photos of places that you know/have a connection to, or places you recognise. Say you had three photos of three places in the Gong. You could do 3 walks, setting out each day from home & walking to the spot where this photograph was taken, & taking your own photo from the same angle (or as close as you can get). You could also write up a description of the walk to go with the image.

    Could be a nice piece (IF YOU TAKE A GOOD PHOTO!)

    yeah? no?

    • misha harrison

      Yeah sorry i wasnt totally clear with my proposal. I intend to walk to different sites that i was an old photograph of and taking my own picture. i thought it would be cool to see how things have changed in areas i am familiar with. I have researched and found a few cool pics, so ill keep you posted on how my exercise goes. thanks for the feedback, i just needed confirmation that i was on the right track