Umbrella Count/Idea:


This is what I created after walking around uni in the pouring rain. It is heavily influenced by Richard Long’s work, and this lesson made me more aware of what this assignment entails. We aren’t looking to confuse people, and to record their reactions, but instead to create artworks who’s meaning is separate from participants.

The idea I have for the assignment is to make a minimalist artwork based on the time I have to wait until the pedestrian traffic lights turn green, and I will record the numerical figure of the time, (probably seconds, possible minutes) to map where I walk. I will perform multiple walks, in order to explore the differences in environments, including suburbia, sydney city and the coast. Will I be more impatient in the city? as everyone is always rushing, and it has a fast-paced vibe compared to the beach and suburbs. The walks will all be one hour in duration, and I will determine my walk by crossing whichever street turns green first at intersections, and I will not be allowed to jaywalk. I am allowed to go somewhere multiple times if the lights direct me in that way.

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  1. Nick Keys


    Cool, a time map of a walk where the traffic system of the city directs your movement. I like it.

    What happens when you have to choose which way to go, i.e. there are no lights, how do you decide?

    It’s a good idea, go for it.