Assessment idea for walking exercise – Anita

Since looking at Richard Long’s works, I was thinking of making a more personal walking exercise based on self journey and transformation. Ill be looking at other artists with that focused on similar areas. I have been avoiding particular areas for a long time where significant people in my life had lived and passed away.

First place is bulli/corrimal region. I thought I would back trace particular places I walked to re live memories. I want to compare the change of the buildings from then and now and contrast this to how I feel. Documentation includes photographs and drawings. I dont want any rules, just a free – letting go approach what I decide to do in the moment.

The second place is the cemetery which actually isnt close to where they live, but I have not been there in two years so it is another area I am contemplating. But I am focusing my death walk and mourning mainly in bulli and places concentrated around there. Its a very emotional piece because I have always wanted to go back but never had the courage or desire. Its a place where nothing is left for me. A broken place.

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  1. Nick Keys


    Ok, this is good. Go for it.

    You’ll have to spend some time looking for walking art that references mourning, but there will be some.

    Also look for some readings on the topic of mourning & grief. Why not read Freud’s Melancholy & Mourning? It’s freely available as a Pdf online.