Tilly’s Walking exercise assessment idea

My assessment 2 walking exercise will be largely based on Richard Long’s work “A Line Made by Walking”. Since I will be back home for the mid-session break, I will be conducting the exercise at home in Bathurst.

As a 22 year old in 1967, Richard Long created a work by walking back and forth along a straight line in the grass in the English countryside. The results of the this repeated action was a definite line made in the grass. Long then photographed this work in black and white. This work would then be known as the starting point for Long’s career as an artist.


As soon as I saw this work, I was immediately reminded of the tracks my horses make in their paddocks. From having 4 horses and one donkey to now only having one horse remain in the family as the years have passed, these tracks are still evident in our paddocks since we first moved to this house in 2003 and when our horses first made these tracks when they moved with us to this house. Instead of creating a line like Long, I have decided to study the already pre-existing lines made by my horses.

“Long’s walking works are guided by very personal, original intentions.  Either you walk to go somewhere, or for traveling to see the view, or for exercise, etc.  For Long, his purposes are to walk for no reason, to go nowhere, and simply to see it as “art.”  He is interested in relationships between things: the air, the weather, the time it takes, the direction of the wind, where he places his foot, etc.  He photographs his journey when appropriate, but other times he documents it with a text or a map—whatever feels right.” (January 27, 2011 http://shipwreckstudio.blogspot.com.au/2011/01/richard-long-land-art.html)

My walking exercise will involve re-tracing the steps of my horses path, examining the way the earth has been eroded down to reveal the dirt path in the grass paddocks. Much like Long, my exercise’s purpose is to reveal the relationships between things such as the weather, the directions of the various paths, where they meet each other, how time has intervened and nature has reclaimed the grass over time due to only one horse now utilising these paths.

I will document this exercise through means of photographs and video of my walking journey on my phone as well as drawing a map of the paddocks and the various paths.

There will not be any rules to this exercise because, like Long, I will endeavour to walk for no particular reason but to view it as “art” and to study the relationship between things through the already existing paths created by my horses.

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  1. Nick Keys


    Ok, great, this is a good piece. Go for it.

    I’m skeptical about shooting video of your walks with your phone. Maybe you can get some good media, but you’ll have to be clever in how you shoot it & edit it so it doesn’t look like crappy phone video (or makes conscious use of the crappy phone video form).

    As a general rule, if you want to use a media format, then make sure you use it well.

    Maybe well taken photos with text are the best way to document this piece. But once again, is the phone the way to do this? I’m skeptical. Sure, the phone is the EASIEST way for you to document your walk, but is it the best way. We want the best.