Georgina Walking Assesment Idea(?)

I have been struggling to come up with an idea for this walking assignment, but I know I want to display the work in the form of word art like Richard Long

day2day 41w


I then looked at the definition of walk for inspiration

Screen Shot 2014-04-23 at 2.46.34 PM

then thought as I am volunteering at the Sydney Biennale and will be working in another gallery as the curator of my own show, I could make a work around being a guide, calculating footsteps between interacting with artworks, or the interesting things I find on my travels (I often find random and interesting things people have lost), I think I will take this all into consideration on my ‘walk’, but want to leave the result open to leave freedom in the walk, the final presentation to not be decided until after the walk.



  1. Nick Keys

    Ok, yes, you can decide the documentation after the walk, but we need to define what the walk is first. When? Where? How Long? etc.

    The idea of a walk from your own curated show to the Biennale volunteer work could be interesting, but that would mean walking from Wollongong to Sydney, right?

    • georgina wells

      I want the walk to be more about the act of walking and the ability to walk (and limitations to walking, in which I personally have), yesterday at the biennale I recorded my steps around two spaces that I was in as a guide (I worked for about 8 hours) and I will reenact this today in another space.