Sand Stalker

After investigating and exploring works by Richard Long and practicing ourselves a “long” inspired walk i have come to develop and idea for my own walking project. After the in class “long” inspired activity, i was still unsure of how i was going to do my own walking project, so i decided to do some more research and found a very interesting collaboration between Janine Antoni and Paul Ramirez Jonas, called, Migration (1999)


This work consists of one artist endlessly stepping onto the other artists footsteps who is creating the steps in front of them in the sand. (hope that isn’t to confusing? ha). I found this work very interesting as the continuous production of the self, other and the collaboration is embodied in this endless loop of making and dissolving footsteps. This walking artwork has inspired me to use a similar environment and process.

I swim daily at the beach and see many people walking up and down the beach end to end, with their dogs, exercising or just having a lesuirely stroll. Ive decided to incorporate other peoples footsteps on the sand rather than someone else’s in front of me. Following in ANY steps found on my beach walk will completely control when and where i can walk. I found this very contradictory to my inspiration “Migration”  as Antoni and Jonas explore an endless and controlled walk, while i aim to randomise and completely rely on others who have been walking the beach.

I was really intrigued in Richard Long’s text artworks as they show a different approach to describing a very visual scene. It asks the viewer to think and create themselves and image that Long has described. Ive decided to incorporate this text style into my won walking project. I aim to represent my walks through text style drawings (like this), that stick to a specific category in relation to each separate walk (really hard to explain on the blog?).

See some results soon!!




  1. Nick Keys

    Good stuff Taylor, this sounds really good.

    Perhaps the textual representation will replicate something like the tracks of footprints in the sand.

    What happens, when you’re following a set of footprints, & they run out. What do you do? Wait there until the next bunch of footprints becomes available? How strict are you going to be?

    I think doing a test run would be helpful in clarifying the rules/structure for the walk.

    • Taylor Hudson

      Yeah that was the aim of the text drawings… i just didn’t know how to explain it. Was clearly a lot simpler than i thought.

      Yeah I’m just going to get stuck into it.