A Good Start to the Day. 2

I find it incredible that all it takes is a change of environment to enhance my breakfast experience. Through this assignment I am trying to become more aware of my surroundings as I eat. On a normal day Karl Stefanovic talks to me as I inhale my food. I’m mostly unaware of taste or the feel of it. I take it as an energy source, energy for the series of activities that are ahead of me during the day.

On my second day I take my breakfast tools into nature. The top of Mount Keira seemed like a great place to have breakfast and a think about my activity. It’s around 9:30 and I’m walking over to the picnic table with my bowl, banana and coffee. Despite the weird looks I get, it is a nice morning and I’m looking forward to eating. The sun is sparkling off the ocean water and there is a cool breeze over the mountain. It is good to be outside.


I’m all about having a good start to the day. Waking up with a good mindset is a key to having a good, successful life in my opinion. It’s hard not to have a good frame of mind while eating breakfast on the mountain. It is a wonderful view out over the city and the ocean. I start thinking about my own journey, thoughts like how I arrived to be in Wollongong, the series of events that made this moment possible.

I always find it interesting that there is this constant interplay of variables in our life. There are so many possible outcomes but right now I am sitting and eating breakfast on a mountain by myself. I thoroughly enjoy breakfast even though I have admitted that the majority of the time it is rushed. I think it all goes back to my upbringing. I grew up in the country I was always encouraged to be healthy and spent most of my time outside. I think this is why I’m enjoying the experience of eating my breakfast outside. Being in nature is positive and refreshing. I’m going to have a good day.



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