Hey Man!! Saying Hello.

For my activity I have chosen the simple act of saying hello in a different language everyday. This action has become infra-ordinary to most people, so i think it will be interesting to make a conscious effort to engage people with a greeting that defies their expectations.

Meeting people is one of the most fundamentally important aspects of a person’s day. Whether you are catching up with mates to have a coffee, or if you are in a job interview, how you introduce yourself has consequences for the rest of the conversation.

Most people have reached the point where they subconsciously introduce themselves (I know I have) with anything from a “Hi” to a “Hey man”. This depends on the level of knowledge or respect between the two (or more) people, however. For example, I won’t say “Hello” to my mates because it is implied. In that scenario I would use “sup” or “Hey”. If I have a job interview though or a meeting with an important person that deserves more respect than my friends, I would use “Hello” as a sign of respect towards that person. If I were to use either in the other context or if I were to use another language, people might notice and treat the conversation a bit differently.

In “Approaches to What”, Perec states that ‘the big event speaks to us. Trains only exist when disabled etc.’ I think that this line of thinking also applies to introductions, we only notice them if they are flashy, loud, or otherwise ‘different’ from what we are used to.

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