Lecture notes: Week 8

So today’s session we went with the flow a bit. Lecture? Who needs that on a day like today – full of presentations, surprise visits, technological hiccups, brainstorming and the usual shennanigans that make up CAOS201!. So in the spirit of self-directed learning, how about you make sure you do (or redo) the readings that were set on relational aesthetics, check out the pdf of the relational aesthetics lecture below, and follow your instincts. Come prepared for class in week 9 (Thursday May 5) ready to report on this kind of art known since the late 90’s as “relational aesthetics”. And remember to do the readings for this week too!

The lecture:

Week 8: relational aesthetics

The pdf about assignment#3:

Getting ready for project #3


On another note the groups for assignment#3 are:

  1. Josip, Pete & Brad
  2. Taz & Declan
  3. Scott, Courtney & Aztrid
  4. Harry & Jane
  5. Jesse, Ryan Geer & Simon
  6. Ryan Speed and Daniel Martins
  7. Daniel English and Sam
  8. Shannon, Daniela & Xander

You will be working in these groupings from now until the end of Semester.

If you can, get together over the break and start brainstorming ideas for assignment#3. If you are confused, remember to check out this pdf, or go to the assessment task page here.


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