Walking 5:20 – 11pm #2 – Entry 1

“ A sound walk can furthermore cover a wide area or it can just centre around one particular place. No matter what form a sound walk takes, its focus is to rediscover and reactivate our sense of hearing.”

This quote is a perfect basis for what I aim to do during my walks.

After presenting my ideas last week I have decided to focus on ambient sound along my walking route and to adapt Hildegard Westerkamp’s Sound walking ideas to that strategy. In order to do this I had to make sure that I was free from all things that would distract my hearing of the environment (e.g. phone, music) so I could interpret a clear and uninterrupted sound walk.

In my original walks the two sounds I identified with assurance were crickets and a power transformer outside my house. So I went from there as my inspiration for the sorts of sounds I would listen for. I decided I wanted to differentiate between man-made sounds, natural or animal sounds so I decided to include a select few that had unique and compatible characteristics with each other.

Following the same route as before I aim to walk twice in the recording day from my house to Shiprock Road and then up to the local IGA at 5:20pm and 11pm. I want to construct this assignment over another 3 entries in order to develop an understanding of my surrounding environment through a walking route.

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