Walking 5:20-11pm #2 – Entry 2


Walking around Shiprock Road I mainly noticed man-made sounds specific to car engines and the occasional echo from far away construction work. I decided to walk towards the sounds of construction to get a clearer sound source to see if I could compare it to any familiar sounds. It was work on a foundation of a house so there were loud metal on metal smashing noises that sounded to me like two extremely large cowbells getting smashed together. It was a busy time of the afternoon because when I turned right to go towards IGA the number of cars and people increased. I also noticed that it was prime time for people to be walking their dogs. So I heard a lot of panting and barking along the busier part of the route. Thinking back on the walk and the sounds that I heard I wanted to think more about the comparisons between the time of day and what I heard. The dogs being out in numbers at 5:30 was an occurrence that I believe stems from dog owners coming home from work and taking their dog out for a walk.

Walk 2 11pm

Walking at this time of night I was able to focus more on acute hearing so to hear things that would usually be harder to hear with an interrupting sound environment like my 5:20pm timeslot for my day walk. For this walk I decided only to follow half of my route down to the water off a walkway on Shiprock Road. I decided to do this to try and attempt to hear a more natural state in a certain secluded environment. Walking down to this area paid off for me because I was able to hear many sounds such as leaves rustling in strong winds, water from the ocean breaking against the rocks (which was the best part of the walk for me in relation to sound) and the exclusion of the sound of my own footsteps. It was interesting to hear only my steps because it gave me a feeling of seclusion; because I would be the only one to walk that way for the next number of hours.

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