Walking 5:20-11pm #2 Entry 3

Today I wanted to do the full walking route even though it was raining. I debated the idea of bringing along an umbrella to shelter myself and also maybe create some unique sounds that I wouldn’t get on a sunny day (such as muffled rain). Bringing the umbrella, I walked up to IGA first. Getting the brunt of rain and wind blown into my face meant I had to look down for most of the walk. These conditions gave me a continuous source of sound that led me to focus on the rushing water on the footpaths, roads and drains that I saw on the way to the end of my walk. The sounds were louder then usual because the umbrella over my head was blocking out the rain so, as a result, I was able to focus more on the rushing water passing me every step of the way which in turn drowned out most other sounds I heard which I could have also focused on.

Walk 2 11pm

At this time it was still raining outside and still as heavy. I opted to again go up to IGA to see if I could hear anything man made in particular. Walking up there I tried to stay as near the trees as I could because I decided not to bring an umbrella this time to gain a difference in the sounds I heard on the way. Staying as near the trees as possible actually gave me a new source of animal sound in the form of a possum scurrying through branches and up the tree. Surprisingly I heard this exact sound more often then not on this particular walk. The usual ambient sound of crickets was absent from my hearing as well due to the heavy rain.


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