Walking 5:20-11pm #2 Entry 4

In this particular walk I began to see a repetition of sorts from the amount of people I saw in the street and how busy the roads were compared to the first walk. Once again at this time walking my route up to IGA I found that I heard the same sort of construction work going on in the distance, and also a flurry of dogs barking in the more populated shop areas and on Lilli Pilli Oval. Unfortunately this walk at this time did not yield any new sources of sound for me. Mostly, it was the same sorts of sounds in the exact same places.

Walk 2 11pm

With another quiet night, I had the opportunity to go along my scheduled route but take a stop in the middle, specifically the oval. I wanted to go there and sit for a while to listen to the sounds coming from all directions. Mainly I would hear a car coming by every so often, peaking my interest enough to keep my attention to that direction for a little longer to see if I could hear anything else. One unique sound source I found was the overhead distant roars of a planes engine. It made me appreciate the fact that man-made sounds can still be heard in abundance while the time of night is one when it would be expected that there were hardly any man-made generated sounds.



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