Assessment 3 – Busking as the artist



Daniel and I have been working on our assessment, working on concept and collaboration as a reflection of last week’s class. Originally we came up with an idea without context of last week’s class (collaboration and workshopping skill sets) and without the importance of place. We wanted to explore concepts based on the Modes of Engagement and music. Further analysing how we would work and what we needed to do enlightened our original mind map and ideas.

We made a cross reference of our skills and outlined how we would collaborate. We spend pretty much every day with each other, and have extensive experience collaborating in creative projects, group settings, and life, so we are in a bit of an advantage with this!


We’ve now chosen to analyse the social intersection of people on both a live and online site, to contrast how the busker and the institution of music production/promotion/distribution survives in both realms.

Both of us are musicians, so we wanted to take an idea that would utilise our shared skills and interests, while further elucidating our individual strengths.

Using the Modes of Engagement as a basis for our piece, we have chosen to do two versions of each mode – one in the public physical sphere (Crown Street Mall) and the other online.

We made an action plan and just need to get it done!

We have sussed out the busking situation at Crown Street Mall


It was pretty awesome! Very fun, and everyone was very kind and complimented. Security asked what was up before I’d even strummed a single strum, but we had gotten a permit so it was fine. It seemed a lot of people avoided the busking space, crossing to the other side of the mall. Do people feel obliged to give? Is busking begging? Who gives the most? What goes through your head when you walk past a street performer?

The project obviously needs to be defined a little more, so we’re planning before we go ahead.

I’ve been thinking about the form our final piece will take. Keg de Souza’s use of the handmade zine to illuminate her work has inspired me – perhaps we could use a zine form to present our findings, readings, photos, drawings, and thoughts on music distribution.



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