Draw on me #1 (At North Wollongong beach)

Although I had done a little bit of preparation last night, I still needed to load everything into my car. Packing the art supplies was going to be easy; however the painting easel and table were more of a concern. With all my time be occupied on the art supplies, I forgot to make sure that the table and easel would fit in my tiny Holden Astra. Thankfully, everything fit into my car with just enough room for two people to squeeze in.


Once I was all packed, I headed to Campus East to pick up Daniel. With Dan not having his license, getting to different locations was going to be a little difficult for him. I know he could have caught the bus if need be, but I was more than happy to pick him up.

Once I had picked him up, we headed down to North Wollongong beach. Being a Saturday morning we were expecting quite a lot of people to be around, or at least we were hoping a lot of people would be around. After we found a car-park, we decided to first scout out an area where lots of people would see our project. At first, we thought we should put it next to the little coffee and food kiosk, but with this being too much of a high traffic area, people may feel judged and deterred from approaching the canvas. In the end, we decided to set up our project about 100m away from the kiosk right next to the footpath. By setting up here, we would get lots of people looking at it whilst on their walks. As well as being in a noticeable area, people can approach the canvas without feeling intimidated by 100 people drinking coffee and watching them.



After we had finally set up our project at 10:10am, we went and sat down by the bank of the beach about 30m away. Whilst sitting there we both decided that by giving the public two hours to draw on the canvas we would be able to get plenty of authentic expressions.

Seeing though it was a Saturday morning and the weather was pretty warm, I was pretty confident that we would get about 10 people to draw on the canvas. If we had set up the canvas on a day that had crappy weather I would have put that number around 5, but seeing though it was a nice day I was assuming that people would be eager to have some fun and put something on the canvas.

It didn’t take long before someone approached the canvas and started to draw, it was about seven minutes in that we had our first artist. Although we couldn’t actually see what they were drawing, we were very excited that someone had actually approached it. Within the first 20 minutes several people had drawn on it and that is when Daniel and I decided to write down what time everyone drew on it. On top of this, we thought it would be a good idea to take progressive photos of the canvas.




Drawer Time
Start: 10:10am Saturday 21st May 2016, North Wollongong Beach
#1 10:17
#2 10:24
#3 10:30
#4 10:33
#5 10:37
Took photo of canvas 10:50
#6 10:53
#7 11:01
#8 11:02
#9 11:03
#10 11:12
Took photo of canvas 11:15
#11 11:18
#12 11:23
#13 11:24
#14 11:25
#15 11:29
#16 11:39
Took photo of canvas 11:40
#17 11:52
#18 11:55
#19 12:01
Took photo of canvas and packed up project 12:10

Although it was quite easy to tell if an individual was drawing on the canvas, the same can’t be said for a group. In the event that a group of people would approach the canvas, we just counted this as one interaction. Sometimes a group would be there for a long time and other times they would be gone before you could blink, so that is why we decided to tally the interactions this way.

We also thought that it would have been a little creepy have two people staring at you from a distance just to see if you would draw on a canvas.

In the end, we had 19 interactions where an individual or a group would add something to the artwork. To be honest I am very surprised that there were so many people willing to take time out of their day just to draw on a random canvas.

With today being such a success, I hope that our Crown Street and University canvases are much the same.


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