Socially engaged art 4

Changing course

We headed back to the Uni for one last try at collecting data as per the plan and after half an hour or more of knock backs we all agreed that a different approach was needed it was time for a new form of collaboration. It was Xanders suggestion that rather than just harassing people on the street so to speak that we take our survey to our friends or a collective group of people that would be more inclined to answer our survey in a more suitable and collaborative manner. We let Xander take the lead as he felt he could capture an audience of ten or more people by visiting just one house. It was worth a shot as time was running out and we still had to address the issue of how we were going to present our project. Our original idea had been to present a poster that would demonstrate different facts about the audience such as age, gender, location of interview etc, but as we were in the process of changing where we were going to collect our data our presentation idea seemed to be losing its validity. We needed a more direct way of communicating our result’s, the idea was hatched about running an audio recording for the presentation. Rather than try and visually display our results, we planned to set up a speaker and have it playing the audio recordings that had been collected. With his skills in sound editing Xander spliced together the recordings so that all the voice recordings followed one another in a single stream then we could put the audio recording on a continuous loop for the audience to listen to. And that’s the form our final presentation took.

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