A tail of the Free bus: concluding statement

As this final assessment comes to close, I find myself reminiscing of this semester and the previous  assessments. but in particular, this one as I took everything I know and applied it to this with the best of my knowledge. However, though it wasn’t as a good of a finish than I hoped. I scored well with the whole result but mucked up at the end. either way, it has been an enjoyable class with the most entertaining group of this course and I did quite enjoy all of the assessment and work that came with it.

This final assessment had me testing the limitation of both my physical and mental skill as well as my communication with a public audience. the standing structure between Jane and I was rough at the start but it didn’t last long as we quickly figured a way on presenting ourselves with this work. In a sense though the task that we had undertaken felt like a pilgrimage. As we the young student set out onto a path that was set before us to gather knowledge of the people we passed along the way. Our encounters were short but the story we shared we memorable and all the same somewhat similar to our journey.

The free bus can be seen as a convenient mode of transport but it can also be seen as the basis for the notion that ‘all road lead to Rome’, that we all take this pilgrimage together but at the same time on different point along the journey. With different encounter more stranger and eventful than the next but its what we learn from the people that we meet that teacher a value of ourselves. Whether it be a teacher that seeks for an apprentice or bystanders that are mesmerised but something that catches their attention. With each action we make and the decisions we take in deciding our route, we gain a self-awareness of our surrounding and learn that there is more to someone than what they look like. In which in turn, improves the value of one’s self and sharpen their skills.

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