A tail of the free Bus day 1: The deciding vote for the project

Date: 19/5/2016
Time: 11:00
Location: Wollongong Library
Company: Jane and CAOS201 classmates

Thursday followed as I apologised to Jane for my absent on Thursday last week as I was not feeling well and I could not attend the trip to Redfern. She accepted my apology and acknowledged that I couldn’t make it but she, however, got great inspiration from the trip which was great because it wasn’t long until she pitched the idea of how we would tackle this assessment as a team.
We discussed the idea that Jane had and I threw in some input on how I would play my part in it however though the whole situation seemed as though that I had the easiest task and Jane had the most of the load. I didn’t seem to like it but Jane said that she was alright handling it. Class started off as usual but what was different was the fact we were going to spend the rest of the day at the local Wollongong library. Which was great and all especially since it gave me time to discuss with Jane on us pitching the idea to Bianca.

We found great resources on the free buses and how they started here in the Illawarra as well as some entering thing from then that I couldn’t resist on taking a copy. A lot of things happened in the 80’s but reading through it all not much has changed. We ended the day with a high and excitement to start the project.

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