A tail of the free bus day 2: Alone

Date: 21/5/2016
Time: 11:00
Location: Wollongong Library
Company: non
Saturday afternoon or close to it, after Thursdays class I had agreed to meet up with Jane at the front of the Library to begin our assessment. I wanted to get started on it as soon as possible but the main reason was because I would not be attending next weeks class. This was because I had to attend to family matters that required me to travel north on Wednesday and therefore be away for Thursdays class.

I started the day early and arrived at the front of the library around about 9:30 because I wanted to get some drawings done of the area. Unfortunately, though given that it was the morning I was bit rough with the sketch and still trying to find my rhythm for the book and the space I was in. as I waited for the arrival of Jane I received a couple of glances from the passing people that where going about their day. Some coming in close and another making obvious as they looked over my shoulder to see what I was drawing. But it did not phase me nor did it throw me of the people looking over my shoulder. It wasn’t until something surprising happened where a complete strange came up to me and began to have a discussion with. At first we talked about art as most artist would do but then he began advising and showing me the appropriate way of how I should be drawing the landscape. It wasn’t until I asked that I found out that he was an artist teacher at a high school who studied at the Wollongong Uni. We sat and talked for a good while as he guided me and critique each stroke I made with the pencil show me from the appropriate way to holding a pencil, to even how to look at something. We talked for hours until I realised the time and found out that I had another appointment somewhere else and that I had to cancel my meet up with Jane but my talk with the stranger he asked if I would be interest in some further lesson into the art practice. It was sudden when he asked me that, I almost felt implied to say yes when there so much more that I need to learn about art and he seemed like he would be a good teacher. However even though there is still so much I need to learn about improving my skill I felt as though that he would probably not be the best of teacher for me. He is an artist through and through but even I can tell that something yearns within his heart, I mean he seems like a passionate person but I could sense that his heart seeks longing for what I believe a challenge and a reason to being a teacher. Mostly likely though he seeked for an apprentice that would share his eye for the fine artist. It might be the ego of an artist talking but I felt as though that we probably wouldn’t be a good match but I guess the chance to know that has passed and therefore I’d probably will never know.

In conclusion I learnt of how putting something new into the environment can invite other people to approach in both an appropriate and direct way when observing something out of there daily routine. Which can lead to chance encounter that have us loosing of what could’ve been.

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