A tail of the free bus day 3: we begin

Date: 23/5/2016
Time: 11:00-12:30
Location: Wollongong bus bays
Company: Jane
Encounters: 5
Monday Arvo I met up with Jane as we began our project from the library at which point I had arrived a couple hours earlier to warm myself up to the space that I was in. it gave me time to reflect on my skill set and what I’d learnt from my encounter with the stranger from last time. The result we’re pretty good if I do say so myself and having people look over my shoulder with a hearty approval gave me the confidence bust I needed to start the day off.
soon after I completed my sketch of the area jane had arrived which marked our starting point of our assessment. we started off on deciding to not stay in one place but rather move around so we can get some leg space as well as the different encounter of each different character at each stop. Each stop had its own unique trait with a different crowd around them, hence is why we moved around each bus bay. We came across 5 different people each with their own reason for using the free bus and it’s convenience, we even encounter other pilgrims of the church on their own journey on the path of the word of God. As well as bumping into the stranger that helped me with my sketching the other day.
with each encounter, Jane would take the lead and I would follow up but everytime Jane would address here self to the bystander their attention would always draw to me. I tried not to pay much mind to it as I was on the clock and had only 5-10 minutes to draw them but they did, however, come out pretty well for rough drafts. We ended the day pretty with some good recording of both of us but I also discovered that I had a limit to the amount of drawing I could do in a day.
In conclusion during our walking interviews, we caught the gaze of many bystanders some even lingering over us with curiosity. But for the most part, they more likely were looking at me with curious as to what we were up to but I felt the need to not notice it as I felt more like an object rather than a subject of people attention. As each time I would sketch I would take up part of the walkway that had people flowing around me like water travelling around a stone in a river. I was unaware of the presence around me as my eyes were more fixated towards the subject before me but I did however felt the gaze of the people around me and though I wasn’t fully sure of how many there where I knew that they were there.Scanned-image-2-0Scanned-image-3-0Scanned-image-4-0Scanned-image-5-0Scanned-image-6-0

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