Assessment Task 1 – Activity Exercise

CAOS201 assess task 1: ACTIVITY EXERCISE

Marking – out of 100 – 20% of total subject mark


“The sixth and last kind of Happening is the Activity type. It is directly involved in the everyday world, ignores theatres and audiences, is more active than meditation, and is close in spirit to physical sports, ceremonies, fairs, mountain climbing, war games, and political demonstrations. It also partakes of the unconscious daily rituals of the supermarket, subway ride at rush hour, and toothbrushing every morning. The Activity Happening selects and combines situations to be participated in, rather than watched or just thought about.”

– from Kaprow, Allan, “Pinpointing Happenings” (1967) in Kaprow, 2003, Essays on the Blurring of Art and Life, University of California Press, California, p.87

Select a routine, everyday activity. You may like to adapt one of the activities that Allan Kaprow defines, or you may invent one of your own. Make sure you discuss your ideas with your tutor in class in week 2.

Perform your activity and document your performance (using a combination of writing, photography, video, diagrams, audio, etc etc)

Then post your documentation and a reflection on the overall process to your CAOS201 blog.

You are expected to engage conceptually with the material covered in the lectures, class exercises and readings. Critically reflect on your experience when annotating your blog entry.

You will also be required to present your findings in class, during week 4 workshop.

Due date – Thursday 24 March 2016, in workshop week 4

FCA graduate quality developed – independent learners, problem solvers, effective communicators

Format – Documentation of an activity, posted as a blog entry (complete with images, videos, diagrams, or other relevant documentation) to the subject website. You are also expected to describe your blog entry to the rest of the class and discuss its conceptual and creative implications.

Assessment Criteria –

● Conceptual interest
● Clarity of the performance
● Quality of the documentation
● Critical engagement with relevant aesthetic issues

Submission Method – posted to the subject blog.

I designated as a ‘Happening’ what was for me then a new vocation. It was a neutral word, with no associations of either art or other professionalization. Since that time, “Happening” has acquired a history, the general impression of Happenings is so far form my actual record and interests that after 1968 I used Michael Kirby’s term “Activity,” thus restoring that uninflected, undifferentiated tone of “doing” that I feel is important. It may be impossible, after all is said, to completely escape from the accumulated popular idea about the older word, but in the following I’ll restrict my remarks to “Activity.” (Kaprow, quote from here)

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