Assessment Task 3 – Intersections Project

Marking: Marked out of 100 – 50%

Working in groups of two or three students, produce an art project that engages with issues of the relation between art and the social. The specific theme is
“Intersections”, which you can interpret as you like in terms, for instance, of
intersections between people, places, things, orders of experience, etc. A key
constraint: the work you produce must represent a coherent response to the work of
(at least) one of the artists (or one of the major concepts) addressed in this subject.

Due Date: Thursday 2 June, 2016

FCA Graduate Quality developed: Problem solvers/Effective communicators/Responsible


This project can take a range of formats. It can be shaped as a live event, installation, website, etc. There is a need to consider carefully the appropriate format for the work. For assessment purposes, the project – whatever form it takes – must be documented and presented on the CAOS website. Your group blogs must address every dimension of the process you followed in realising the project and must include an explicit group statement about how the work relates to a relevant artist.

Assessment Criteria:

  • Conceptual interest
  • Effectiveness of the formal means
  • Quality of the documentation
  • Clear reference and dialogue with the work of a relevant artist
  • Quality of the collaborative group work

Submission Method:
Variable – by consultation with your tutor – but must include thorough
documentation via blog, as per assignment 1 and 2.

You can view some previous student projects for this assessment task here:

  • Josh C’s Letters from the Nameless [blog entries one, two and three]
  • Leo’s and Sam’s Advanced Techniques for Modern Living: [blog entries one and two]
  • Victor’s The Bar (with Jade and Mike): [Blog entry one, two, three, four, five, six]
  • The Enlightening Mystical Transformative Mobile Sanitorium: [blog entries, one, twothree & four]
  • Logan & Alana’s Memorial Plaques [blog entries one, two, three & four]

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