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Remember: assessment criteria

Another reminder – Remember to check out the project outline to help you with your work. remember to devise a set of rules/strategies/tactics/modes of engagement that determine the ways that you walk in this project.

Assessment Task 2 – Walking Exercise

Also remember that for each project, you are assessed according to the following criteria:

Assessment Criteria:

  • Conceptual interest
  • Clarity of the performance
  • Quality of the documentation
  • Critical engagement with relevant aesthetic issues

REMINDER FOR THIS WEEK: get ready to present this Thursday 21 April!

Dear all,

A reminder about this week (especially to those who missed class).

Your walking project (assignment#2) is officially due this Thursday 21st April.

However – we are going to have a partial extension on this.

REMEMBER: You are all going to still present your projects to the class THIS THURSDAY.

Like last time, you need to use the blog as a prompt.

So – come prepared this week, with your project 3/4 done – ready to present verbally.

We will then give you feedback that you can use to improve it.

Aim to make your presentation about 4minutes long.

The final work is then due the following week, on Wednesday 27th April – by midnight.

All readings for this week are up and at this link:

Weekly readings

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