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Weekly readings


Set reading:

This week’s reading is a video! It’s on the “ethics of engagement” within collaborative and social practice. It was held at the University of Melbourne last week, and features our very own Dr Lucas Ihlein!

And if you’re hungry for something extra. here is the extra reading!:

Umberto Eco: The Poetics of the Open Work



Set reading:

Keg De Souza (with Zanny Begg): There Goes the Neighbourhood

Also visit Keg’s website and checkout here project for the Biennale of Sydney called The Redfern School of Displacement




Set reading:

The New Rules of Public Art

Maria Lind: Complications: On Collaboration, Agency and Contemporary Art


Set reading:

Nicholas Bourriaud: Relational Aesthetics (small chapter)


Extra readings:

Grant Kester: Conversation Pieces

Claire Bishop: Antagonism and Relatinal Aesthetics

Liam Gillick responds to Claire Bishop

Nicholas Bourriaud Relational Aesthetics (full book)


Set reading:

Lucas Ihlein: Blogging as art, art as research


Extra readings:

Tim Ingold: Creative Entanglements

Hito Steyerl: In defense of the poor image



Set reading:

Nikos Papastergiadis: A Brief History of the Everyday

Tim Ingold and Jo Lee Vergunst: Ways of Walking


Extra readings:

Maurice Blanchot: Everyday Speech




Set reading:

Francesco Careri, “The wayfarer on the map”, in Walkscapes: Walking as an aesthetic practice, 2002: Wayfarer on the map


Extra readings:

Ray P. Norris and Bill Yidumduma Harney, Songlines and Navigation in Wardaman and other Aboriginal Cultures: Songlines




Set reading:

Michel de Certeau, Walking in the City


Extra readings on some local projects:

Liang Luscombe,  Walking is not a medium, It’s an attitude

Sarah Rodigari,  Strategies for Leaving and Arriving Home





Set reading

Georges Perec, Approaches to what?


Extra reading, related to Allan Kaprow and activities

Allan Kaprow,  Just Doing





Pablo Helguera: Education for Socially Engaged Art Practice Chapter 1 – Definitions

Alan Kaprow: Performing Life, and a sample of his Activities




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