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Draw on me #3 (At Wollongong University)

With the location of our third and final iteration being the University, Daniel said he would meet me there. Once we had met up, we then walked to my place which is located right next to the University. Although we could have carried our supplies to the location we were going to set up, the equipment was already in the car. So just like yesterday, I dropped Dan off at the Uni with the supplies and proceeded to find a park.

Now that we were ready to go, we started to look around the library for a nice spot to set up. With the library being close to the bus stop we thought it would be a great location to get people’s attention. The spot that we chose was perfect; it was a high traffic area that had more than enough room to set up a table and easel without getting in the way of anyone.


Once we had set everything up it was 10:20am. The weather today was much the same as the weather we had at the beach, sunny with a little bit of wind. With it being Friday we thought that there would be many people willing to add to the canvas. Within the first minute of us sitting down, someone had already started the chain, and as you can see from the table below it never really stopped.

Drawer Time
Start: 10:20am Friday 27th May 2016, University of Wollongong
#1 10:21
#2 10:22
#3 10:28
#4 10:32
#5 10:35
#6 10:38
#7 10:41
Took photo of canvas 10:50
#8 10:57
#9 11:04
#10 11:10
#11 11:16
Took photo of canvas 11:20
#12 11:22
#13 11:29
#14 11:30
#15 11:33
#16 11:38
#17 1139
#18 11:39
#19 11:42
#20 11:43
#21 11:45
Took photo of canvas 11:50
#22 11:52
#23 11:54
#24 11:56
#25 11:57
#26 12:05
#27 12:10
#28 12:11
#29 12:12
#30 12:15
#31 12:16
#32 12:16
#33 12:17
Took photo of canvas and packed up project 12:20






Just like the previous two times we set up this project, we took pictures every half an hour. Right from the first picture we took, there seemed to be a theme in the artworks that people were drawing. Whether people were being impacted by what was already there or not, throughout this two-hour block a lot of cartoon characters and quotes were drawn.

Although there were a few large drawings, the artwork seemed to be a collaborative piece where all the items worked together. This is quite a contrast to yesterday’s canvas hijacking.

With our focus in all three of the canvases being to capture the thoughts and expressions of people in a particular place, I believe that for the third time we have been able to achieve this goal.