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SANDRA – Task 1

WEEK 2 Status Updates



But wait… there’s a catch


In the process of deleting Facebook, it makes sure that you know how much your family and “friends” will miss you if you leave. A little sign pops up “Are you sure you want to deactivate your account?” not only does this plant the seed of doubt in your mind but you also have to provide a reason for leaving from a menu of choices. The moment that you think …’oohhh god, i’m free….’ up pops a reactivation button. Just punch in your email address and password and your back to square one. So Facebook never deletes your information, it doesn’t get rid of your friends, photos, status updates or apps it keeps everything hidden and waits for your urges to kick in, and welcomes you back with open arms.


So here it is one more time.. The Facts


Today’s date is 18.03.2012

In the past 2 weeks I have uploaded my status 242 times.

Uploaded 95 photos, been tagged in 76, and currently have 237 friends.

And I am now 92% addicted to Facebook.


I didn’t think that this project would suck me in and have such a detrimental effect on me in the short time of 2 weeks. But honestly i couldn’t stop updating. Here are the things I noticed in 2 weeks, I am so behind on all my uni work its not even funny. I would log in just to check my messages and comments and end up spending about 2 hours just looking at other peoples profiles and tweaking my own. I spent most of my time being locked up in my room commenting on how beautiful the day was and how the sun is shining outside but never actually went outside unless I had to, and as a result I feel there was a slight emotional breakdown, being hidden in my room I felt a bit depressed and isolated from my family and friends, as the only form of communicating I was doing was through Facebook. Clearly there was a breakdown of relationships as I lost 12 friends in 2 weeks, which made me think do i really have 200 something friends?? And the honest answer is no. I got so addicted to positive comments, I loved when I logged in and has 29 comments, my partner would say “Look at the smile on your face..What are you looking at?” They made me feel so special and loved and popular (it’s a very empowering feeling). I found myself logging in for no real reason and just staring at a blank screen waiting for something to happen so I could write it down instead of going out and actually doing something worth documenting. I didn’t sleep as much, my spelling, grammar, punctuation was never that great but between all my smily faces 🙂 and OMG’s!!! My spelling just got lazy n I was typin lik dis all da time….???

So its true, Facebook when used excessively is like crack…It really is hard to log out and not to think about it. It’s the cyber drug of the century.


Just Some fun facts

Facebook is now used by 1 in every 13 people on earth, with over 250 million of them (over 50%) who log in every day.

The average user has about 130 friends.

Over 700 Billion minutes a month are spent on Facebook, 20 million applications are installed per day.

Over 200 million people access Facebook via their mobile phone.

In just 20 minutes on Facebook over 1 million links are shared, 2 million friend requests are accepted and almost 3 million messages are sent.

SANDRA – Task 1

So I have to admit Week 1 was a struggle. On numerous occasions I found myself just sitting, staring at my Facebook page, fingers on the keyboard but nothing to write… I started off slow just status updates anything that was relatively exciting that happen I documented it.

“Went to K-mart, bought a mug YAY!!”

Believe it or not I got 8 comments and 9 likes for that status update alone…. What’s happening to our generation???

Through a quick web search it’s evident that Facebook is a fast growing problem. The Facebook craze without any exaggeration has taken over the world. Let’s admit it, being addicted to Facebook is much better than being addicted to alcohol, illegal drugs or activities however the hours spent on Facebook worldwide is alarming, and the social implications are rapidly becoming obvious.

So FAD- is it real?

In 2007 teenage blogger Heidi Barry-Rodriquez admitted “I am truly addicted to facebook”.

In 2009 teen Neeka Salmasi described the social networking site as being “like an addiction”.

In 2011 a casino directly compared a gambling addiction to Facebook, “Like gambling Facebook provides the atmosphere where it is tough to walk away”

Everyone from eager to fit in tweens to educated business people to intrigued grandparents have joined the phenomenon, and unsurprisingly have caught Facebook fever.

So lets talk a little about this FAD (Facebook Addiction Disorder)

Is there really such a thing? Does it exist?

American psychologist Kimberly Young believes so. In fact she fuelled the term FAD or Facebook Addiction Disorder. It has been said that approximately 350 million people are suffering from the disorder. A study conducted by the University of Chicago, Milan and MIT simultaneously found that analysis of the psychophysiological data in conjunction to pupil dilation indicates that the Facebook experience is significantly different from stress and relaxation “It’s a whole other experience” identifying a chemical reason at the root of the pervasive need to check social networking sites.

And personally if you asked me 12 days ago if I believed FAD was real, honestly I would have said no, but thinking about that Kaprow article I madly highlighted Kaprow spoke about the simple act of shaking hands and by doing it consciously could cause instant anxiety to others (p195). That’s how FB has affected me. “doing something to experience it yourself” (p195).

Its only Tuesday of week 2 and I can’t help myself, I don’t even close the browser, I’ve updated my phone just so I can access FB wherever I go, I have downloaded the FB app on both my Ipad and Mac, this assessment is driving me mad, Facebook has taken over my life.

Let’s see how Week 2 finishes








WEEK 1 – Copy of status updates


…My Facebook Addiction…



Today’s date is 11.03.2012. I joined Facebook on the 17.01.2008, which means I have had Facebook for 4 years – 1 month – 25 days. During this time I have updated my status 147 times, uploaded 167 photos and been tagged in 62 photos, and currently have 243 friends.


Looking at the facts, it’s obvious that I’m not a fanatic Facebook-er.

According to


http://theoatmeal. com/quiz/facebook_addict/go


I am 26% addicted to Facebook.


So why do I, Sandra Jelinic have Facebook?

* Connections with old friends and distant Family members

* Voyeurism & Stalking purposes- Yes I admit it, I’m addicted to following other people lives in secret. I look at their photos, read their updates and check their relationship status.

* Vanity- So it might take me a little while to pick that perfect profile image, Its only because I secretly enjoy the thrill I get when someone comments on my photo.

* Sharing my life with others- I like to know what my friends are doing, I assume they are interested in me too.

Just trying to figure out how to post my comments……


Listening and Reading – Task 1

To be honest, I have found this assignment interesting yet rather challenging in practice. I believe this is because I am trying to force out an idea for an ‘activity’ rather then it coming naturally from my experiences of everyday life. In otherword’s I am probably thinking too much ?

Anyway, after much brainstorming I believe I have come up with an activity that I am somewhat happy with:


 Technology/items required:

A Sound recording device + Headphones

Alarm for 20 minutes

Pen + Paper



1.Each day at exactly the same time, for five consecutive days (Monday – Friday), travel to a specific location that intrigues you. You will arrive at this same location over the five days.

2. Get into a comfortable position, Press record on the sound recording device and start an alarm for a duration of 20 minutes. Sit in silence, Listen while closely watching the timer on the alarm.

3.Using the pen and paper, Script out every significant sound you hear – Recording both the time you initially heard the sound and a description of the sound.
Example: 3 minutes 25 seconds  – A dog barks

[Continue until Alarm, then stop the recording]

4.  Return home, playback the 20 minute recording. Read the notes you jotted down and follow along
with the recording as if your reading a script to a drama performance.



This Activity wouldn’t be too hard to document because I could simply post each recording as a compressed MP3 file, and with it I will also provide the notes that I recorded for each sitting. So this means other people could participate by listening to the recording and following along with the notes.

A last thought:   20 Minutes may be a bit overkill. What are your thoughts?

Josh C.

SANDRA – Task 1

Tuesday 06.03.2012


Teen’s final message predicted fatal mistake: A US teen’s final message to a friend still haunts her parents.

“I can’t discuss this now. Driving and facebooking is not safe! Hahaha,” wrote Taylor Sauer moments before she slammed into a tanker truck on an Idaho highway. The 18-year-old, travelling at more than 130km/h, was killed instantly and police later found no sign she applied her brakes before the crash.

Ms Sauer was making a late-night, four-hour drive from Utah State University in Logan to her parents’ house in Caldwell, Idaho on January 12. She was using her phone to pass the time, messaging a friend on Facebook. Phone records later showed she was posting something on Facebook every 90 seconds during her drive.

“I think she was probably [texting] to stay awake, she was probably tired,” Taylor’s father Clay Sauer told the US Today program.




This article got me thinking about the girls in class on Monday (week 1) talking about their obsession with Facebook, saying how they can’t live without it and how it’s a central aspect of their world.

So for my routine I’ve decided to make Facebook the center of my world and try to investigate the Facebook craze, and our generation’s obsession with documenting their lives?

A study conducted by UNESCO Institute of Statistics found that people between the ages of 15-25 update their status (on average) 15 times a day.


In 3 weeks that’s over 300 status updates…OMG!!