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How natural is the natural environment? Post 1: Introduction


For millions of years the earth in which we live was a natural wonderland, trees covered the mountain-side and animals wandered the vast landscape.

Now days, earth is very much a different place and the ‘natural environment’ is anything but natural.

As a collective, humans have made major changes that are seemingly irraversable, and there is no denial that the ‘natural environment’ is being destroyed more and more each day.

In order to find out exactly how little remains of our ‘natural environment’, I plan on following one rule.

I am only allowed to walk on the ‘natural environment’ to get to my destinations, e.g. grass, dirt, rocks.

By following this rule, I feel as though I will be able to get a good idea of how humans have effected the ‘natural environment’.

The way in which I will carry out the process and documentation is…

  • Pick a number of locations around the Wollongong area
  • Start at my house and walk to these location
  • Document how many man-made structures/obstacles I encounter on my walk/s
  • Any time I have to walk on concrete, roads, footpaths or any other structure that has been made or placed by humans, it will count as obstacle

This strategy has been developed from two key areas;

  1. My personal interest on how the ‘natural environment’ is constantly being transformed
  2. The walk we went on with the Waterways of The Illawarra (WOTI) group

By combining my personal interest with the structure of how the WOTI group carried out their walk, I want to see if it is possible to get from one place to another by only walking on the ‘natural environment’.

To make sure I get a good feel for the impact humans have made, I will conduct four walks that lead in four different directions. By repeating/iterating the process of walking around different areas and analysing the ‘natural environment’, I will be able to understand the relationship between social intersections, human activity and the ‘natural environment’.